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Stuttering or stammering is a problem with the normal flow and timing of speech. Someone with a stutter may experience a complete block on speech, when they simply can't get a certain word out, repetition of a syllable, or prolongation of a sound. Stuttering usually begins in childhood, and affects proportionately more boys than girls. There is no one cure for stuttering, but there are many therapies that can help with the problem.
Stuttering and causes
No-one knows exactly what causes stuttering, although it has recently been suggested by experts that people who stammer may have difficulty co-coordinating the muscles needed for speech, and require more time to form words. It is likely that stuttering is caused by a variety of factors, including genetics and environmental factors. Although stuttering is a physical condition, there can often be a psychological aspect linked to it starting, for example experiencing a trauma in early life, or going through a difficult or stressful time, such as being bullied.
How can hypnosis help with stuttering?
Stuttering is a physical condition, and if you are worried about having a stutter you should speak to your doctor in the first instance. He or she can refer you to a speech therapist if necessary, who can advise on different therapies to alleviate the stammer.
Clients with a stutter often speak normally when under hypnosis, without a trace of a stammer, although this is by no means universal as is sometimes reported. Stuttering can be triggered by different situations, and hypnotherapy can help to reduce the impact of these triggers by teaching new reactions, building confidence etc.
Hypnosis can also be used as an analytical approach to go back to the time when the stuttering first began, and analyze the situation that first triggered the stutter. Hypnosis can be utilized to change a person's beliefs about that situation, and to desensitize the reactions to the memory.
If you decide that you would like to seek the help of a hypnotherepist for your stutter, email us to arrange a **free chat.**
Stop stuttering with hypnotherapy.
Stuttering therapy has grown in popularity over the last few years, and it certainly seems to be helpful in many cases.

Hypnosis gets round the stuttering 'Catch-22'

Our clients often tell us the harder they try to stop stuttering, the worse it gets. Certainly it seems to be true that stress makes stuttering worse.

Hypnotherapy can help you 'relax out' of the vicious circle that causes so many problems by helping you rehearse triggering your relaxation response when you begin to feel tense.

This relaxation response not only makes you feel more relaxed, but it actually changes the way your brain is functioning at that time, to hopefully 'normalize' it to allow smooth speech to take place more easily.
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