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Webster's New World Dictionary defines a phobia as an irrational, excessive and persistent fear of some thing or situation. Regardless of what the logical or conscious mind knows and says, these fears persist in the subconscious mind where they are lodged. Since hypnosis is the most direct way into the subconscious, it stands to reason that it can become the instrument of disarming the irrational fear.
Most phobias/fears can be traced to an initial sensitizing event and an activating event. These can be separate events or parts of the same event. The objective of therapy is to discover the cause(s) and desensitize the client from the fear.

In one case, a woman who hadn't flown in 10 years because flying made her physically ill. After one session she flew to the Bahamas and actually enjoyed the trip! She subsequently flies everywhere.
Simple phobias are those isolated single fears such as a fear of cats but not rabbits, fear of dogs no matter the size, a fear of flying, a fear of being in an enclosed space, etc. These simple fears can usually be effectively treated in very few sessions.

Complex fears are multi-faceted. While there may have been one single activating event, the fear may not be the real problem at all but rather a symptom of some deeper unresolved issues. Often there is a strong emotional component related to the fear such as low self-esteem attached to a fear of urinating in a public restroom (Bashful Bladder Syndrome) coupled with an abusive parent, etc.

Usually the emotional issues must be resolved in order to completely clear the phobia.
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