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Break bad habits
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Nail biting. Negative self-talk. Overindulgence in drinking/drugs, cracking your knuckles. You've got a bad habit and you're tired of it. You've probably tried over and over to get rid of it and it you just can't shake it. Your rational mind wants to stop, but the rest of you - that deeper part of you - doesn't want to cooperate.

How can hypnosis help?
Hypnosis gives you the tools to work on your habit at that deeper level - the level where it actually exists. It's as if your mind is a computer program running a program. Hypnosis gives you the power to be the programmer. You can locate the old program and do the re-programming necessary to change or eliminate the habit.

How does it work?
The approaches we use to help clients eliminate bad habits vary widely. Some involve breaking the stimulusóresponse pattern, some go to the root of the problem. Oftentimes direct suggestion combined with a lot of motivation on the client's part is enough. Every client is different and requires special treatment.

How many sessions does it take?
While every person is different and some habits take more time than others, most people can eliminate their habits within two to four sessions. To give a more definite estimate, I'd need to learn more about your situation.
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